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More on “Hip 2B Holy” – Canadian Evangelicalism in the Media

29 May

Yesterday I posted about a documentary on Global TV entitled “Hip 2B Holy”. Here is some more info.

First, a summary/background video talking about the making of the documentary. What’s really interesting is the discusion about how the mainstream media views evangelicalism and vice-versa. I love the comment that a standard “media” view of an evangelical was “someone on a farm living outside of Edmonton”. They were surprised by how “urban” the younger evangelical movement was.

Here’s the vid:

And also, here is a link to an article in the Globe and Mail about the documentary.

Canadian v American Evangelicals

28 May

I didn’t see it… but there was a documetary on Global this past Monday called “Hip 2B Holy” by Kevin Newman looking at the growth of Canadian evangalicalism – especially among 20s-30s.

You can read about it here.

According to the article, compared to US evangelicals, Canadian evangelicals (especially younger Canadians):

  • are experiencing double-digit growth
  • are less pushy
  • are more evironmentally sensistive
  • know that they have lost the debate re. gay marriage and abortion
  • define themselves on a broader range of issues than “traditional” moral issues


Whether the above is true or not, it’s encouraging to read a relatively positive take on evangelicals in mainstream media.


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